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Shanghai Art Collection Museum Introduction



Shanghai Art Collection Museum (SACM) is a member of International Council of Museums (ICOM) and Chinese Museums Association. It is honored as a 5A social organization and listed in models of National Cultural Heritage Administration and Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture Heritage. It is located in the Tianshan Park, No.1731 West Yan'an Road, Changning District of Shanghai.

Since establishment, SACM has successfully organized a series of exhibitions and events with great social impact, including: Costume Design Exhibition of the famous dancer Yang Liping, Liang Sicheng, Lin Huiyin Treasure Art Exhibition, Ms. Chen Peiqiu Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition, the 1st to 11th International Exhibition of Traditional Fine Arts, the 1st to 9th International (Shanghai) Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Forum, the 1st to 5th International (Shanghai) Cultural Tourism Program Promotion Conference, 1st to 6th International Children’s Creative Art Exhibition, International Tour Exhibition of Chinese Traditional Fine Arts (Alexandria Station, Istanbul Station), the 1st to 4rd International Children’s Art & Science Exhibition, Sino-Iranian Children’s Art Exchange Exhibition, “Timeless City: Istanbul & Faces” Photograph Exhibition, “The Quintessence of East and West” China and Slovak Painting Art Exhibition, etc. Among them, International Exhibition of Traditional Fine Arts, International (Shanghai) Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Forum and International Tour Exhibition of Chinese Traditional Fine Arts have become brand projects of “Shanghai Culture”. All the exhibitions and events help SACM to accumulate rich international art resources and to build a wide range of international cultural exchange channels.

SACM has collected lots of characteristic art works. Among them, the Literary Selections personally annotated by Chengzhe Prince of Qing Dynasty, “Duanxi Ink Stone” sample (the other sample was given by President Hu Jintao to Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda as a national gift), Liang Qichao’s calligraphy masterpiece Imitating the Inscription of Zhangqian’s Monument, the original design manuscript of national emblem of the People's Republic of China made by Lin Huiyin, the original manuscript of History of Chinese Sculpture wrote by Liang Sicheng, Peacock Dress of Chinese top dancer Yang Liping, Albert Einstein's Autographed Biography, etc. are all rare treasures with only one piece in China. In addition, SACM collected representative works of around 300 distinguished artists from over 30 countries in the world, including Japan, South Korea, USA, Austria, Russia, Israel, Egypt, Iran, Ukraine, Lithuania, etc.

SACM has won dozens of honors at all levels and published many books. It has been awarded the National Excellent Unit of Science Popularization Activities, Shanghai Student Social Practice Base, Shanghai Science Popularization Education Base, Shanghai Public Welfare Base, and Changning Civilized Unit.