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Date:2022-10-08"SH in Foreign Expats' Eyes" Visual Exhibition launched!

Have you visited Columbia Circle, old lanes on Yuyuan Road, "the garden street" Xinhua Road in Changning District?

From October 26th to November 27th, "Shanghai in Foreign Expats' Eyes Visual Exhibition" (Changning Part) will be held in Shanghai Art Collection Museum.


The exhibition is hosted by Changning District Information Office, organized by SACM and supported by foreign Consulates in Shanghai.

The exhibition will feature photos, video and multi-media works on Changning architecture, humanities, streets and alleys, scenery, customs, activities.


Changning District is in the west of downtown Shanghai, covering 37.18km2, and its permanent population is 574,100. The history of Changning can date back to AD 751, Tang Dynasty.


Changning, as one of the most developed areas in downtown Shanghai, boasts the "Hongqiao" brand. By 2035, it will basically build an international community of excellence with global influence. 


Changning is one of the most internationally diverse districts in Shanghai. It is home to 26 foreign consulates, 70 more headquarters of multi-national companies, and has established ties with 12 regions on four continents. 


Changning boasts a profound history and rich culture, with four municipal historical and cultural preservation zones and more than 900 garden mansions with a century-old history. A total of 20 intangible culture heritage projects have been included in the ICH protection list of China on all levels. 



Expected Participants and Works

1. The participants are expected to be foreigners who are willing to promote cultural exchanges around the world and have experience of working, living or traveling in Changning, Shanghai.

2. Photos, video and multi-media works focusing on Changning architecture, humanities, streets and alleys, scenery, customs, activities, etc.


Work Requirements

1. The side length of photographic and multi-media works shall not be less than 5800 pixels, and the file format shall be JPG/JPEG/TIFF;

2. The picture width of video works shall not be less than 720 pixels, and the required format is MP4. The video length is expected to be within 5 minutes.


Application deadline

All applicants shall send the application along with high-resolution images of exhibits to Shanghai Art Collection Museum via email  before October 7th, 2022.



PS: Shanghai Art Collection Museum will have the right to exhibit, promote and publish the works exhibited. 


For more information and application form, please click "read more" at the bottom


For the application, please click the link: