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       Entrusted by Chinese and foreign artists, the museum can provide all kinds of works of art for art lovers shopping service. Where the museum sold works of art by the artists or their families authorized collection will be provided by the museum specialized certificate. Art collectors to the Museum desk for advice.                                                     

Our museum developed extension works of representative work

of Lin Huiyin to market


Recently, Shanghai Art Collection Museum and Arts and Crafts of China ,Mr. Lai Qingguo developed extension works of Dragon grain art tanks of Lin Huiyin Cloisonne to market.
      Dragon grain art tanks is the representative work of Lin Huiyin’s cloisonne. Lin Huiyin is first female architect, famous writers, poet. She is chief designer of the national emblem of the People's Republic of China and patterns of the People's Heroes Monument, has made an outstanding contribution to reviving technique of traditional Cloisonne. Dragon grain art tanks is now collected by Shanghai Art Collection Museum. Majority of collectors request our museum and arts and crafts masters, Lai Qingguo  developed extension works of Dragon grain art tanks
of Lin Huiyin Cloisonne.
      Mr. Lai Qingguo is only Chinese arts and crafts masters in tin craft field, whose works have been collected by the National Museum of China, the United States National Museum and many other institutions. Mr. Lai Qingguo carefully study of the original work, adopt a metal tin material, use bump technology, manual coloring and restore the original charm. The art work is simple, elegant, sleek, both practical function and artistic value, express the wisdom and skill of the artists and has a